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Utilize Simple Radios with Simple Computers
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Audio Accessory Analog-Resolution DMM Board Products as seen in Electronic Design
by Dr. Sam Green

  1. Bare PC Board with programmed ATTINY85 $15.00
  2. Fully Populated Audio Analog DMM Accessory Board with programmed ATTINY85 $40.00
  3. Limited quantity early prototype Bare PC Board (no onboard Reed Switch) with programmed ATTINY85 $10.00.

Utilizing Simple Radios as seen in Circuit Cellar by Dr. Sam Green

        1. Complete tested Transmitter with the CPU board (including pre-programmed CPU)  $16.00
        2. Complete tested Receiver with the CPU board (including pre-programmed CPU)  $20.00
        3. Preprogrammed ATTiny85-20 if you want to make your own PCB      $5.00

 An Extremely Wideband SWR/Power Meter useful from 100 kHz to 500 MHz based on a design by Dr. Sam Green, W0PCE.
  1. Estimated Mid 2015 Availability
  2. Calibrated sensor boards from his article in Jan/Feb QEX will also be available.