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Frequently Asked Questions

What products does Citrus Electronics sell?

Available now: PCB Boards with programmed ATTiny processor for Audio Accessory Analog-Resolution DMM Board as seen in Electronic Design. Fully populated tested Audio Accessory DMM Add-On boards as seen in Electronic Design. Coming soon: An Extremely Wideband SWR/Power Meter useful from 100 kHz to 500 MHz based on a design by Dr. Sam Green, W0PCE. Calibrated sensor boards from his article in Jan/Feb QEX will also be available.

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When will Citrus Electronics products be available?

Audio Analog-Resolution DMM Add-On boards available now. SWR Meter Product availability will be announced soon. (This update made on March 9, 2015)

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What will the products cost?

Bare PC Board with programmed ATTINY85 $15.00 Fully Populated Audio Analog DMM Accessory Board $40.00 Limited quantity early prototype Bare PC Board (no onboard Reed Switch) with programmed ATTINY85 $10.00 Future product pricing will be added after the products are announced.

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Where can I buy Citrus Electronics products?

Citrus Electronics products can be ordered from this web site when they become available.

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Where are Citrus Electronics products manufactured?

All Citrus Electronics products are manufactured in the United States.

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